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Walruses mainly eat molluscs.   blank
Moray eels have very strong jaws.   blank
The slingjaw fish can bring its jaw right out.   blank
Sharks are plant eaters.   blank
The smallest fish in the world are dwarf gobies.   blank
Whales live up to 90 years old.   blank
Shark's skin feels like rough sand paper.   blank
The pelvic fin on a fish is at the top of its body.   blank
The mandarin fish's bright colours blend in with the sea.   blank
The old teeth of sharks will never re-place.   blank
Pipefish have long bodies and look a bit like sea weed.   blank
Cowanyoung fish are also called a Horse Mackerel.   blank
The Venus Tusk-Fish are edible.   blank
The Risso's dolphin has a long beak.   blank
Callops are a kind of seal.   blank
The Mulloway fish live in parts around Queensland.   blank
Turtles have six legs.   blank
Lion fish are harmless.   blank
Sea cows are hairless.   blank
Red Gurnard fish live around the Australian coasts.   blank


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