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English Projects and Activities

k-3 area

Twelve different activities to choose from. (ages 5-8)

grammar course

Six lessons - paper, oral and Internet based. (ages 5-12)

animal game

Develop spelling skills with this fun activity. (ages 6-8)

Game colours

Develop spelling and key board skills. (ages 6-8)

game what am I

Visual recognition and writing skills. (ages 6-8)

story water trouble

Develop reading and comprehension skills. (ages 6-8)

game spelling

Visual recognition, writing and spelling skills. (ages 9-12)

game spelling mistakes

Develop grammar skills with this spelling activity. (ages 9-12)

story time

Reading and comprehension skills. (ages 6-12)


Explore poetry with a West Australian Bush Poet. (ages 12-15)

worksheets and printables

Selection of printable worksheets. (ages 5-15)


Find out more about homonyms. (ages 12-15)

bible alphabet game

Place the books of the Bible in alphabetical order. (ages 12-15)

Gods creation

Improve spelling with God's Creation. (ages 6-8)

Bible books

Unscramble the books of the Bible. (ages 10-15)

Bible story Nouns

Underline nouns in this Biblical story. (ages 10-15)

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