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Project Ideas Years 5 - 6 (page 1)

(1) Bones 

(2) Starfish 



Main Learning Area

Linking Learning Areas

Bones Science English, Art, Technology, SOSE, Health
Starfish Science Art, Technology, SOSE, English


(1) Bones

A skeleton was brought in for students to observe bone structures. Books about the human skeleton were read and viewed with notes taken for their essay. English)

Dried bones of several animal species were also observed by students to achieve a better understanding of bone structure. (Science)

The difference between babies bones and adults bones was researched with a lesson on safe handling of new born babies and the elderly. (Health)

Diet was incorporated in the study, addressing the fact that bones need a healthy balanced diet. Malnutrition in third world countries was discussed and the effects it has on bones. (S&E)

Very thin slices of bone were placed under a microscope to let students  get a closer look, thus incorporating a piece of Technology.

project example( Grade 5)


(2) Starfish

project example

( Grade 6)

A trip to the local beach was organized last summer and shore line creatures, plants, corals and rocks examined. Notes were taken based on each student's observations. (Science)

Students were asked to write about one of their observations. (English)

The starfish was chosen by a student. A dead starfish was found by this student and brought home. Research was conducted using books, the Internet, encyclopedia and a video about sea life was also watched at home.

The dead starfish was very lightly scraped with a sharp tool and the scrapings were observed under a microscope. Notes were taken and the scrapings were stuck under some sticky tape with the notes. (Technology) The student finally painted the dried starfish, exercising her artistic skills. (Art) (This example is only a part of her project)


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