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Australia’s educational system has changed dramatically over the past years to an outcomes framework system. We believe parents, teachers and students can benefit from these changes if the framework is implemented as it was intended to be used, giving more pleasure, fun, direction and flexibility to parents, teachers and students.

In order to assist parents to encourage their children, we have written learning tools, in the form of worksheets that are outcomes based, subject linking, cross curricula and come complete with answer keys, suggested activities, outcome statements and web site links.

Children will benefit greatly from what they learn while also developing their research skills. Often parents would like to encourage their child's education but don't know where to start to look for relevant resources that can be accessed easily and quickly. So often teachers are found at night researching information they need for class the next day. Why not have students research the information needed for themselves! By using our learning tools, students are encouraged to develop their research, self motivation and collaborative skills. Because many of our products encourage children to do most of the work by finding the information they need. They soon learn how much fun learning can be with this approach.

For example, a year 3-4 worksheet may ask several questions covering a large number of subjects as follows.

  1. What happens at a rubbish tip?
  2. Who suffers when rubbish is dumped into the ocean?
  3. How much rubbish does your family have on average each week?
  4. How can we make less rubbish?
  5. What is recycling?
  6. What happens to the cats people dump at rubbish tips?
  7. Develop, design and write an environmental poster as a group project showing pictures or photos of rubbish or a rubbish tip.

As you can see from the example the questions cover the following subjects: Society & Environment (SOSE), English, Science, Arts and even Maths is incorporated into this worksheet, students keep a record of rubbish bags used at home or at school over a period of time.

By using the outcomes approach students learn values, understand environmental issues, develop research skills, learn to collaborate and I’m sure you could think of several other valuable points. In this example, younger students will have a great time researching books, magazines, pamphlets, the Internet and possibly many other areas to discover their answers. They will also have the pleasure and satisfaction on completion of their project. A great discovery tour!

The idea behind our learning tools is to encourage fun-learning by researching the various topics. We found children got bored very quickly when research and photocopying was done for them and it was just a matter of read and copy the writing. This is not our idea of developing the full learning potential of children. We can almost hear you say: But this example will take all week! So what! Even if it does take all week, your children will have covered so many outcomes and so many subjects by doing this one project that you will be amazed how much more you really did cover during that week instead of rushing through each subject separately for a short period of time. You will see results, children that enjoy learning and happy faces. More importantly, relaxed faces.

Remember that learning should be fun, if learning is not fun then you as the teacher must introduce the fun in order to achieve the best for yourself and your children. We hope you will consider trying some of the many projects, interactive learning tools and woksheets in the 'Teaching Tools' area of our site. Thank you for taking time to read this.

Kind regards

Teaching Treasures Team

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