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Kangaroos - Macropodidae Potoroidae

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Kangaroos are marsupials. Different types of kangaroos live all over Australia. There is the yellow-footed rock wallaby, the black-footed rock wallaby and the red kangaroo who live in the centre of Australia. Other species like the grey kangaroo, the wallaroo, the parma wallaby, the whiptail wallaby, the brush-tailed wallaby and the red-necked pademelon live in other parts of Australia.

The grey kangaroo is only 2.5cm long when born but can grow up to 2.5 metres tall. They have very powerful hind feet which can kill you if you got kicked by them. They are vegetarians and mainly eat grass, leaves and some twigs. Some roo species are rare but some roo species are in such large numbers that they become a pest for farmers, eating their cattle's grass. Roos are culled at times, this means they are deliberately killed to reduce them in numbers.... more



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