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The frog's revenge

The Frog's Revenge part 1 Reading Comprehension Test


Who is Ferdie ? Kingie and Queenie live ? What did Ferdie tread on ?

a frog

in a castle

a frog

a queen

in a big house

a dog

a king

in a mansion

a cat

blank blank blank
What is on the frog's head ? The frog called Ferdie ? Where does the frog live ?
a hat a slob in the river
a lump a baboon in the house
a wart a sausage in a pond
blank blank blank
The frogs were going to ? The no. of grand children ? Where does Mr. Frog land ?
the bathroom were 23 on Queenie's chest
the bed were 42 on Queenie's tummy
the kitchen were 38 on Queenie's face
blank blank blank
Did Kingie and Queenie suspect this ? In what kind of state did they leave the bedroom ? Can you remember who fell down the stairs ?
yes screaming, running Grandpa Stan
no walking, laughing Mr. Frog
sort of running, giggling Kingie & Queenie
blank blank blank
Kingie and Queenie were in what mood ? What kind of croak did the frog give ? Do you think this story is to be continued ?
happy a silly croak no
terrified a noisy croak yes
worried a king's croak not sure
blank blank blank

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