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Pelican Trish

Pelican Trish Reading Comprehension Test

no fishing sign

What animal do you think Trish is in the story ?

What do you think Trish likes doing most of the time ? Do the fish play little tricks on Trish from time to time ?

a fish



a dog



a pelican



blank blank blank

What do the fish do when they see Trish coming ?

Why do all the fish want to stop Trish ? What do you think Bluey is in the story ?
they said hello she made fun of them a sea star
they laughed she would eat them an octopus
they fled she chased them a whale
blank blank blank
What do you think Bluey has, a sign, a plan or paint ? What do the others think of Bluey's plan ? Do they all agree that the plan will work nicely ?
a sign it was great no
a plan it was fun sort of
paint it was simply mad yes
blank blank blank
What colour is the sign ? Is it blue, black or red.

How many words in total are painted on the sign ?

What colour are the words painted on the sign ?
blue three bright blue
black two bright red
red four bright lime
blank blank blank
Who is brave enough to hold up the sign in the morning ? What do you think Trish is doing on the pole ? What exact words are written on the sign ?
bluey the whale fishing no fishing
brave snappy eating no fishing here
the pelican knitting fishing not allowed
blank blank blank

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