Teaching Treasures™ Prawns and Slugs Reading Comprehension Test

Prawns and Slugs

Prawns and Slugs Reading Comprehension Test

party lights

Who made Freddie a lovely birthday dinner ? The meal was going to be made out of how many courses? The first course was going to be what ?


1 course



3 courses



5 courses

meat loaf

blank blank blank
What do you think Nancy used as prawns ? What was the meat loaf infested with ? Did Nancy decide to join Freddie for dinner ?
frog legs worms maybe
snails maggots yes
slugs fungi no
blank blank blank
How long was the meat loaf in the garden for ? Where did Nancy prepare the third course ? What do you think was in Freddie's cake ?
2 months in the dining room grubs
2 weeks in the garden lizards
2 days in the kitchen frogs
blank blank blank
Do you think Freddie hates what is in the cake ? When the frogs jump out what was thrown in the air ? What kind of frogs do you think were in the cake ?
no the table small, green ones
yes the chair big, ugly ones
a little the lamp slimy, warty ones
blank blank blank
Where does Freddie hide from the frogs ? What do you think Freddie did in the bathroom ? What was Freddie's idea of a sweet revenge ?
in his bedroom washing feed Nancy worms
in the cupboard eating that's another story
in the kitchen vomiting send her away
blank blank blank

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