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Our hope is to encourage and instill a passion for learning that you can obtain from purchasing the any of the educational resources and teaching tools made right here at Teaching Treasures Publications Australia. Parents can provide their children with extra quality educational activities that improve and encourage further learning. Grandparents can also get involved with their grandchildren's education after school. Adult learning centres and people with special needs can also utilize these educational resources.

Teachers can also save time and money on these teaching resources, relief teachers and student teachers studying at University will find a wealth of teaching tools, quality printable worksheets and online interactive teaching resources.

Most of all, students will benefit from the many teaching tools suitable for high and low achievers. They can work at their own level and at their pace within the comfort of their home or in the classroom.

What teaching tools we provide:

English teaching resources to assist with reading, writing, spelling, punctuation, nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, past, present and future tense, prepositions and conjunctions.

Mathematic teaching resources:

Help student understanding in number relations, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, time and space and much more. Also carefully graded and tested activities in Science General Knowledge and other areas of learning.

There are also many online interactive activities that check answers, and the answers are not given by the program until the student checks these at the completion of all questions. Errors can be corrected easily before checking again interactive activities are provided to build upon learned skills.

The maths interactive flash cards are fast loading and randomly provide unlimited mathematical equations. The many worksheets can be used to complement the outcomes based curriculum framework. Students are encouraged to complete the worksheets at their level.

Qualifications of each member:

Principle: Crt IV, business | Crt IV, IT | 15 years Electronics Technician in audio/video electronics industry | Over 25 years of home education experience. ABN: 27 878 755 738

Manager: ESL teacher | Diploma Journalism | Crt IV teacher assistant | More than 25 years of home education experience and private tutoring.

Authors and contributors:

1. B.Sc, software engineering, 1st class honours | Crt IV, IT | Data administrator TAFE | home education experience and over two year of professional teaching experience at tertiary level.

2. BA art | Diploma art graphic design | Certified outdoor educational instructor | home education experience.

3. Diploma, conservation and land management | TAFE Certified Trainer and Assessor | Certified outdoor educational instructor | Crt IV environmental science | home education experience.

4. Diploma art, graphic design; Certified outdoor educational instructor | home education experience

5. Certified outdoor educational instructor | Qualified Trainer and Assessor | home education experience.

All our team are active learners and all of us encourage learning for life.

What products you will find at Teaching Treasures™

Within this web site you will find thousands of unique teaching tools, online interactive activities, educational games, projects, worksheets and many other resources that can be helpful with the daily learning adventure of your students, you may even find a new teaching or learning strategy that may assist your students.

At Teaching Treasures™ we hope you will enjoy your visit and find many useful teaching tools and activities that you can purchase. The teaching training tools and supplies have been designed to encourage enjoyment in learning, by improving research skills, thought process with individual and collaborative learning styles. We also provide some teaching strategies that may also help.

Why not enhance your current educational training program! Take a quick look at the teaching tools areas of our site where you can view real examples of our products. In the teaching tools area you will find thousands of unique Australian curriculum worksheets that come with helpful teacher notes, answers & extra suggested activities; note: some of the tools also refer to online interactive activities. The resources are listed in learning areas ages 5 to 13.  Take a peek at our learning tool concept.

In addition to all the educational materials and teaching supplies that can be purchased from our web sites, we provide link directory pages to other sites that provide many other helpful online educational resources. We hope you and your students enjoy the many online interactive activities, projects, lesson plan ideas, worksheets and many other facets of our site. Please take your time and have a good look around as this site is very large and covers many key learning areas with fun learning supplies and educational online games. 

There are many worksheets for Kindergarten, primary and high school (public and private) students covering English, Health, Art, Math, Science, Society and Environment, Language other than English (LOTE) and Technology. Australian States are also covered with worksheets on the Garden State, First State, State of Excitement, Nation's Capital, Sunshine State, Festival State, Holiday Isle and Outback Australia. Australian State emblem web site links are provided to assist students. You will also find four great worksheets which complement our Solar Project for students ages 11-15.

If you have read this far you might be interested to know that the name Teaching Treasures is our original brand and we were the first website with the name Teaching Treasures.

If you have a comment or happen to find dead links or pages that don't display, please send a message indicating the error and its corresponding page URL and we will endeavour to correct it as soon as possible. Thank you.

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