Teaching Treasures™

Around Australia

by Ingrid Griggs

Can You Name The Cities and Towns

NOTE: Names start with a capital letter.

Oldest town in WA blank
Australia's national capital blank
Rich in opals blank
Only capital in the tropics blank
Modern mining town in the Pilbara blank
Big tropical city in N. Queensland blank
Old pearling town in WA blank
Capital of Western Australia blank
2000 Olympics were held here blank
Most northerly town of WA blank
Capital of Tasmania blank
Significant heritage site Tasmania blank
In the heart of the Red Centre blank
You'll find the Yarra River here blank
Biggest town in WA's Goldfields blank
The Endeavour arrived here in 1770 blank
Named after the Southern USA State blank
Moreton Bay is not far from this capital blank
Old English word for 'yes' blank
A town between Bridgetown and Balingup WA blank


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