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Gasping for breath and slowly stuttering the words The Bossleyans, Pappy simply sagged back into his uncomfortable hard wooden seat, because that is all he could afford, and pointed his old bony finger to the screen. Ma peeped around the corner and watched the lights in Pappy's eyes grow dim, the young lady rubbed her eyes, as she could not believe what she saw.

The great pedagogue folk, who are teachers of others and established themselves in educational institutions to plainly show the unlearned populace the ways of truth and righteousness, had pilfered her work. The poor hapless young lady would have gladly transacted a copy of the piggy book to The Bossleyans for the number enrolled at their institution. She would also have allowed them to materialize her work on their wonderful magic machine called the computer so the kiddies could have printed it from their wonderful magic machine also called the computer.

However, The Bossleyans had done the dirty deed and breached that terrible word which so carefully is thrown around by attorneys-at-law within their courtrooms on a daily basis somewhere in the world. So what is a young lady to do in a situation so terrible such as this? A situation where young human beings are taught by older human beings about the correctives of living? The do's and don'ts of life emanate from educational institutions and are passed on from generation to generation, from oldies to youngness. But if there is no truth and honesty displayed by the oldies, how are the young ones going to display these idiosyncrasies when they grow into oldies?

For those who are unfamiliar with the term educational institution, it can be defined with a different slant to it. An educational institution is a place of learning where age segregation is present; harassment appears to be vast and bullying often identified as being the norm. There are places for little human beings, places for medium sized human beings and places for bigger human beings. These institutions or establishments are also known as pre-school, primary school and high school.

After a human has done well in all of the aforementioned institutions, entering another institution may reward him further. In turn this will show him further lessons on how to survive in a world of enforced labour for that which is called money so he may eat a little better than his counterparts who did not enter these higher educational institutions.

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