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Of course the matter which comes out at the other end is much the same as the common folks' matter. Therefore no need to really mention it here but the throne on which the more highly paid one sits to deposit his matter may be an improvement on the throne the poorer and more common folk sit on. On account of what was discovered by the young lady, the breach of her works by what is classed as a High School institution was not a light matter.

An important question in her mind was: 'Where did these pedagogue folk obtain a copy of her work.' Having the simplicity of a one person in charge business, it should not be difficult to locate previous piggy lovers through what she called her receipts system or proof of purchase tax invoices. Record keeping is also something bestowed upon humans or better said, coerced upon due to the elaborate tax reforms imposed upon the populace.

So really, record keeping which was formerly looked upon as a vile thing now surfaced as a virtuous thing. So she set in search of the culprit who had been kind enough to pass on that which was not his to pass on. She searched out Ms Hogg and Ms Trotter. Mr Rance who lived on the other side of the world and Mr Killene who lived a little closer to the young lady's home. At last a breakthrough! The offending School of The Bossleyans was accommodating enough to display their operatives on their wonderful web site and mind you quite searchable from the amazing search machine.

The young lady now had another problem to contend with. How to tackle such a delicate situation. After all, one does not go around throwing wild accusations at the pedagogue folk, as these are closely associated with the attorneys-in-law. In fact, adequate protection is offered to the pedagogue folk so they may sleep a little sounder at night and continue to enjoy their eats without achieving indigestion or constipation on a regular basis.

So she set in search of rectifying an embarrassing situation for this Educational Institution. A way for them to right the erroneous and thus avoid the need of this authored drudgery you my precious reader is currently clapping your eyes upon. Oh, how the young lady wished she was a young lassie once again. Carefree and enjoying the enslavement of piggy housekeeping. Even the putrefying odours those adorable piggies had left behind on their poop deck seemed nothing compared to that which was coming from the direction of the pedagogue folk and their associates, The Department and its pedagogy theory..

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