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To The Bossleyans,

Please find attached invoice for the Guinea Pig e-Book which has been available as a public performance on your web site at: http://www.boss...........science/guinea-pigs.pdf. Because your school is in breach of our copyright it may become subject to legal action. Please be aware that removing the illegally posted material from your web site does not make the attached invoice (no. 18289) nul and void.

Upon payment of the invoice your school will be granted legal public performing rights for the Guinea Pig e-Book for the duration of six months on The Bossleyans High School web site only, commencing from the date it was originally posted. According to our records, a school licence for the Guinea Pig e-Book was also not purchased therefore please pay the fees for a school licence. The Guinea Pig e-Book can then be legally used on your intranet and/or photocopies can be made for your students.

Thank you for your immediate attention and co-operation regarding this matter. Any enquiries regarding this matter should be directed in writing to the above address. Yours sincerely,

The Ma


Case Study Chapter 3:

Research, identify and document the following issues dealing with the Internet.

1) What is deemed as copyright material on a web site?

2) Can an entire web site be copyrighted or only a portion of it?

3) When and how does a web site become copyright material?

4) How do copyright laws affect primary and high schools using the Internet?

5) How do copyright laws affect Universities and Colleges using the Internet?

6) Are search engines liable for copyright breach?

7) Provide an example of what policies and course of action procedures there are in place of at least two different search engines. Consider both parties, the person who has committed the copyright breach and the person whose copyright has been breached.

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