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As far as the young lady's forebears were concerned, a friendly reminder to those in charge of enforced learning institutions should have been sufficient to draw their attention to the unrighteousness committed, and encourage pedagogue folk to act as upright civilians who should act accordingly to their teachings.

So as not to appear biased to the Education Departments she also wrote to the Ministers for Education. Her cover note was as follows with the above-mentioned letter to the Education Department attached.

03/04/2008 Re- Copyright Breach

To the Minister for Education,

This correspondence is regarding the breach of copyright occurring within institutions such as primary and high schools, universities and various other organisations which are in the educational field. The attached correspondence was sent to Education Departments of each State however, we feel it is of importance to you as the Minister for Education to be made aware of what is happening in your State and country.

It would please us if you could pass this information on to any other appropriate body so future copyright breach can be avoided and authors and publishers can be rightfully remunerated for their work.

Yours sincerely,

'The Ma'

Having written the letters the Ma, the Pappy and the young lady whose copyright was breached slept on it for quite awhile. After all, such allegations were not to be taken light-hearted and certainly the ramifications of sending such a letter would be quite extensive no doubt. Finally after two weeks the letters were dated, sealed in their respective envelopes and posted to those who are regarded as upholding the Law and those who are teachers of teachers.

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