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Chapter 7 - The settling of the dust in the enforced enslavement camps

Once upon a time in the little village of Nymboi, things changed.

Once the initial dust settled after Ma's letter had hit the desks of those important humans within the enforced enslavement camps for filthy lucre's sake, things started changing. An army of humans must have been at work to accomplish all that which was accomplished within such a short time. The Bossleyans web site underwent major changes, no doubt to cover up their fraudulent behaviour.

The Department's web sites underwent modifications too and no longer was the fair maiden's web site, where she had launched her piggy e-book, found as a link on their exquisite pages. No doubt they were irritated about something! Why else would one go through the hassles of searching out web sites and removing links which have been there for years serving their pedagogue folk rather well.

Several institutions and pedagogue folk sent harassing emails to Ma's inbox. Farcical letters continued to arrive from Ministers for Education and the Department. Ms Delilah returned Ma's email and appeared not interested in receiving a response. The Bossleyans admitted to their breach of copyright but ignored the tax invoice and handed it over to the attorney-at-law which tried hard to cover up the mess.

Finally a letter arrived which should contain the news whether or not the hapless, poor young lady would receive a little remuneration from the pedagogue folk. Several lies graced the letter received by Ma which came from the Legal Services Directorate. The e-Book had been purchased by a staff member and was held on his computer. It was inadvertently uploaded onto the School's website during a web consolidation process at the School.

If one knows anything about the procedure a school needs to follow in order to upload any printed or electronic matter to their web site, it is impossible for anything to be inadvertently uploaded unless those in charge are without knowledge as so stated in the Law. The question could be asked: If those in charge of this task are without knowledge what are they doing in an educational institution teaching others who are less knowledgeable than themselves?

Could they be looked upon as possessing a flagrant conduct of behaviour as far as copyright law is concerned? To their reckoning the e-Book was only available for a short period from approximately the ... / ... / 2008. The site was not operational from the ... / ... / 2008 which was the period of the school holidays.

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