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Take It Apart Hands-On Technology Display

Develop students interest on how things work by letting them take old appliances apart.


What you need:

  • screwdrivers

  • pliers

  • old appliances (E.g. radio, toaster, toys, bike, torch, hairdryer or record player.)

  • large working table

Safety is always a priority. Cut off all power cords before students
work on or take apart any of the electrical appliances

What to do:

Display appliances as a technology project in your class. On a separate table students can take apart some appliances and check out for themselves what's on the inside. All the odd components can be used by the students to make a special work of art. The parts could be turned into a robot or a super machine of some kind.

This project is suitable for all ages under strict supervision.

two students checking some technology


Primary students Nicky and Sam from Western Australia
having a go at some hands-on technology.


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(by Ingrid Griggs)

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