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If you have purchased any of our products or services and you require any assistance please use the contact us link, we will promptly respond to your query and offer solutions to the problems regarding any of our products. To date we have only received positive comments from our customers regarding them. We enjoy what we do and hope to provide you with great products and customer support and of course that personal touch.

I am sure that you are aware that free material on the Internet is usually provided to gain customers for businesses. It would be great if you are using our free materials and online interactive activities, that you consider helping us by purchasing one of our quality products.

If you own a business, you may like to support us by becoming a yearly sponsor and sponsor one of the activities by putting your advertisement on the interactive page or pages of your choice, depending on space available.

The following web sites will help those who use our workbooks and teaching tools to abide by copyright law, at 3-4 cents a copy it won't break the bank and you help us to earn our living. Because e-book workbooks are so easily copied we have found that many teachers and parents are sharing them with their colleagues and friends. This practice unfortunately is doing us a lot of harm, please consider recommending our products and not give them away. As more people do this type of offence it will only end up depriving us all of new and exciting intellectual works, please do the right thing by publishers and authors.

Copyright Clearance Centre: (CCC) Paying the nominal fee is made very easy for any copies you make. These payments cover world wide clearance for use or you can check if your organisation has a licence to copy and whether it covers workbooks and course packs most don't.

CAL www.copyright.com.au: Australian copyright clearance web site, although a little more cumbersome payment method it still is workable to use.

Viscopy: Are you using any of our graphic illustrations? You need to make sure you have the correct licence or you may need to make a payment so you can use them publicly or in other publications.

Copyright licensing Agency United Kingdom copyright clearance web site.

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