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Teaching Treasures™ Publications, providing teachers, parents and homeschool parents with a variety of quality educational teaching resources. We have many engaging no cost inter-activities and project ideas. Full access is provided for your students to all our interactive online Maths, English and other educational game activities without the need to login. We also provide you with quality worksheet workbooks you can now obtain as an immediate download. There are many helpful teaching articles and other suggested activities also provided at no cost throughout this site.

We are also happy to provide you encouragement and support with that personal touch. Parent Support is made available for those who wish to teach their children at home; be it newcomers or those who have been teaching their children for a few years and need some help. While more children continue to fall behind in their education within the current system, some parents realise the need to get more involved with their child's academic career. These parents are aware of the many benefits of giving their child that head start in life by Teaching them to read. We can help you with the many products and online activities to give your child that head start and much needed boost before they enter and during their formal education years. Check out our quality products and the links below or the Sitemap where you can find the many no cost teaching resources on this website. Please also consider helping us so we can continue helping you and the many others that use our no cost resources.

Buy Worksheet workbook ebooks Buy Worksheet workbook ebooks Worksheet ebooks

English and Maths printable worksheets that are mind provoking are hard to find these days, so sometimes it's better to purchase what you really need instead of searching for hours through the Internet. In this area you can instantly download these workbook worksheet bargains for individual students so they can improve their learning skills and complete the set outcomes needed.

Students with Learning Difficulties Learning Difficulties

(Article) Students with dyslexia, ADHD, autism and other disorders benefit from experiential learning, today's educational approach focuses on learning by doing. The teaching strategy is designed around direct experiences, preparatory and reflective exercises for students. Learning difficulties resources that help students with autism and pervasive developmental disorders are found right here.

Kids Only online Interactive Literacy and Numeracy Kids Only

A place where budding students can find all our online interactive games of their choice. Try some arithmetic interactive maths games or english games and puzzles. There are many online interactive activities to choose from here at Teaching Treasures?.

Teaching Treasures literacy & numeracy Original Teaching Treasures?

This web site brings you unique educational resources in literacy & numeracy for nearly 15 years. Printable worksheets & online educational games that are also a benefit for children with learning problems or disabilities, dyslexia, and even ESL students.

literacy and numeracy Literacy & Numeracy

Learning can be achieved through games, experiments and simulations which are wonderful ways of learning. The idea of using Maths and English interactive educational games and simulations is for students to solve problems and learn in a safe environment.

Educational Games Educational Games

Delivered by Teaching Treasures? together with thousands of other unique teaching tools, interactive activities, projects, and printable worksheets. There are also Maths and english educational resources that help educators with their daily tasks in the classroom.

Online interactive tools Interactive Activities

Used with the Internet, mobile phones, iPod, iPad, Nintendo, xBox or other interactive devices should not be overused. Limit these activities, don't consume critical study time in your literacy and numeracy program and cause further learning problems like dyslexia and other related learning disorders.

Homeschool Zone Homeschool for Parents

(Article) An exciting homeschool learning adventure relies on innovative teaching strategies such as active learning (not passive learning), critical thinking, discussion strategies, and experiential learning. Parents start your child's learning from birth, don't wait till your child reaches school age and discover your child's hidden potential.

Tour the World student activity Tour the World

Is an interactive and paper-based travel theme for older students. Designed so that students can explore countries worldwide, they can learn how to budget for holidays and delve into culture, history, tourist destinations and attraction in places such as Africa, USA, Europe, and Australia.

Teach reading with ABC curriculum How to Teach ABC

(Article) English language can be taught easily enough with good educational reading and writing resources and teaching tools. The ABC's kit contains all you need for your child. Flash cards, letters, numbers, games and step by step instructions and suits the Australian curriculum. Visit: Reading

Students Projects Students Projects

Challenging ideas to enhance your teaching career. Surprise and expose your students to some new concepts, topics or learning methods to improve their research, reading and writing skills while learning something new.

Assorted teaching resources and worksheets eBooks

Available at our shopping cart are great teaching training tools and resources that have been designed to encourage enjoyment in general education, research skills, thought process, and collaborative and cooperative learning.

Australian States Worksheets Australian States

Only one topic covered with worksheets on the Garden State, First State, State of Excitement, Nation's Capital, Sunshine State, Festival State, Holiday Isle and Outback Australia. Australian State emblem web site links provided.

Collaborative Learning Article Collaborative Learning

(Article) An instructional approach in which students work together in small groups in order to accomplish a common learning goal. Group learning will also assist learners who need extra help with reading or writing.

Download Educational Worksheets Download worksheets

Select from a number of worksheets that can be found on these pages. Covers ages Kindergarten through to 15 years follow the links to the age group of your choice and then select the subject area for each download some pdf file are linked to our products.

Maths Educational Online Interactive Games Maths Educational Games

Online maths from basic K-3 to Pythagoras theorem, basic arithmetic progressions and calculations, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. All activities are fast loading and answers are provided and can be checked on completion.

K-3 Educators and Students Teaching Tools K-3 Educators & Students

Enjoy the many online interactive activities, projects, lesson plan ideas, worksheets and educational games. There are also many worksheet teaching tools for Kindergarten, Primary and High School public and private. by Ingrid Griggs

Student Projects Projects

Solar Project for students ages 11 to 15 can cover English, Health, Art, Maths, Science, Society and Environment. Make your own solar project. Languages other than English (LOTE) and Technology are covered in the other areas of our web site.

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