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Fremantle prison

One of Western Australia's Premier Cultural Heritage Site

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Fremantle Prison consists of a 14 acre walled enclosure. Thousands of deported convicts, men, women and children arrived in Fremantle, Western Australia under severe conditions. A new prison was needed and when the building of The Imperial Convict Establishment began, little did they know it would one day become a tourist attraction. For nearly 150 years, Fremantle Prison was home to thousands of convicts and later, inmates of today's society. If walls could talk, many a tale would be told. The massive timber landings now empty of prisoners, latrine buckets no longer collected, the total lack of comfort no more missed but the stale smell still lingers on.

The prison has seen executions, riots and brutal floggings. It now witnesses tourists strolling across the lawns, looking at the forbidding walls in awe. What the future holds for Fremantle Prison only time can tell.

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If you are a teacher, parent or student, there are worksheets complete with answers, outcomes and suggested activities to complement this project about the prison, if you don't wish to use them you may like to complete the task listed below.

A visit to Fremantle Prison would be ideal but of course this is limited to those living in the area. However, by searching the prison's web site you should be able to locate most of the information.


star animation Go to the Fremantle prison web page and locate the page that lists the convicts. Choose a convict and write about him. Read about the
history and take notes. If you know how to select script and copy that would be easier than hand writing. If you don't know you could ask someone to help you.

Find out facts like:
How long did the prison operate?
How many prisoners did the prison have over that time?
How many prisoners were executed at the prison?
Did they have any uprisings in the prison and how many?
What are the walls of the prison made from?
Were there any prisoners that liked the prison?

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Recommended book resource:

Fremantle Prison, A brief history by: Cyril Ayris

ISBN 0 646 266292

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