Successful Home Education

Chapter 14 Freedom & Flexibility in Teaching

Many other mums have declared me daft for having my children home all the time. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not! I must admit that the only drawback is the children are indeed always around me. Now that they are a little older though they play outside and amazingly enough, I do have quite a bit of time for myself. How else did this book come about? I look at one mum who tried for ten years to have a baby. She went through physical and mental torment to finally have this child and three years later this lovely young girl was placed in day-care, followed by preschool and spent more time with strangers than with the mother. Where is the logic in all this? Not everybody is cut out to teach their children at home, but please don’t abuse those who choose to do so. Give it a try yourself first, then judge whether or not it is a good thing.

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