Successful Home Education

Chapter 13 When to quit home education

I have given you examples how to start and suggestions on when to start but I haven’t touched upon 'quitting'. With quitting I mean, knowing when you’re about to crack up, your children are going insane and your marriage is likely to be on the rocks. No… I’m not a quitter! I like to stick to whatever I’ve started but sometimes I simply have to abandon a project, idea or venture because it is affecting health, sanity and family life. When we started home education it was always in the back of my mind that I could put the children into public or private school if things got too tough. One year went by, two years, three years, ten years, fourteen years, 20 years and I’m still here. The children are learning, I am enjoying it, most of the time, especially the last seven years since I’ve been developing my own teaching strategies and I haven’t quit yet.

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