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How to Start Home Education

The question; How can I start home education? Is not generally put that way, but usually, How can I start homeschooling my child?

There are many complex answers to this somewhat simple question, and the answers will vary between every family. Those who ask this question however, need to answer some basic questions to start with.

There are many homeschool advocates that would say anyone can homeschool which is true if you can answer all the questions below with a positive resolve. The only problem with that statement is most parents in many societies around the world do not have the time to home educate their children. It is very simple, parents are either working to buy the things they WANT or they are in a low socio-economic circumstance and working to buy the things they NEED. These two circumstantial reasons are often why parents choose not to home educate their children.

You may need to ask yourself some of the following questions resolutely and as honestly as you can if you are interested in home education.

1: Do you and your partner work? What are you working for? Do you both need to work?

2: Are you willing to devote the necessary time with your children?

3: Does your partner, if you have one, support your decision?

4: Do you have the patience to teach? Does your partner have the patience?

5: Are you willing to sacrifice your existing lifestyle?

6: Can you cope with the outside interference you will inevitably get once you start a home education program?

7: Are you well disciplined to set the necessary examples to your children?

8: Do your children respect you?

9: Are your children receiving school education at the moment and would they be willing to give up school for home education? If they are not willing to leave their current school, what measures will you put in place to alleviate the problems associated with change in the educational location?

10: What amount of money can you allocate to home education if you commence it? If you have allocated money, will it be sufficient for the curriculum you wish to use? Can you adapt a home education program that will suit your budget?

11: Have you thought about your child's/children's educational strengths and weaknesses?

12: Are you willing to learn and consider advice from one another, your children and outsiders?

13: Do you have good language skills? (This is not as necessary if you follow a set curriculum.)

14: Once you have answered all the questions and you still think you would be happy to home educate your children, the main question on most parents' mind is... What am I going to teach my children and how am I going to teach my children?

Home education has been around since women have been giving birth to children. Over the past few centuries a system of formally schooling our children has slowly crept in and we have accepted this system as being the normal way of educating our children. In most cases parents would have been taught as children by the schooling system. So what has changed? What has changed for YOU to want to home educate your child?

There are many reasons why families teach their children at home. Your reason may differ from the next family in line, whatever the reason, if you want something better for your child then you will have to take the initiative and make a start. No one else will do it for you!

There are many helpful web pages on the net about home education, some are better than others though and it is up to you to decipher what suits you and your children best. Read everything with an open mind but critically analyze anything you take on board.

Our sincere wish is for you to make the right decision for yourself and your children. To find out more about home education see Successful Home Education

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