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... Over the last few years the educational systems world wide have been working towards an 'Outcomes Approach'. You probably have heard of the Curriculum Framework or the National Curriculum. In education jargon 'Outcomes' means, what students should achieve at specific levels in each facet of a given subject. As home schoolers, the outcomes approach is naturally adopted and was practiced the day home tutoring or learning began. As a child understands simple concepts those are built upon and expanded.

The Bible puts it more accurately; precept upon precept - line upon line (Isaiah 28:10) building upon achievements or outcomes. As parents teach their children they will see the outcomes or achievements their child makes and build upon them. It is very simple and you should not get uptight and worried about all the educational jargon, fancy words and ambiguous statements which you can find in the framework. Even teachers have problems with many of these statements and are frustrated by the extra workload placed on their shoulders. That's not to say that the framework is not useful. If worked correctly in accordance with the above concepts it is a fantastic educational tool with freedom to expand on student's knowledge but sadly that is not always the case.

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