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Year 10 Maths



Find the term


(a)   If Tn = 7n - 3 find (T53) blank
(b)   If Tn = 5 x 3n - 2 + 4 find (T4)


(c)   If Tn= blank find (T48) blank

(2) Find the term of the A.P.


A.P. = Arithmetic Progression
(a)   a = 7, d = 11 ....................(T39) blank
(b)   7, 14, 21,.... ....................(T52) blank
(c)   3, -8, -19,... ....................(T172) blank


Find the sum of the number of terms in each problem

HELP Formula:

Sn = blank where l = a + (n - 1)d

(a)   The sum of the first 98 positive multiples of 4. blank
(b)   The sum of the first 50 positive multiples of 7. blank



A well with a diametre 2.2 metres has to be excavated to a depth of 5 metres. Find the volume of earth to be removed.

Use π = 3.14 and round to nearest hundredth

m3   blank

(5) Solve HELP

Round to a whole number

(a)   blank blank
(b)   blank blank
(c)   blank blank

(6) Solve HELP

Round to the nearest hundredth

A wooden gate 1½ metres high and 3 metres wide needs a diagonal brace fitted . Find the length of the diagonal brace needed. metres   blank



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