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Year 8-9 Maths

Complete the problems, click "Check All My Answers" button  showing  results. If you like click on the "Print Results"  button after finishing the problems. There is also a helpful " Table of Formulas" button to help out and if your having any problems working any out click on the help link.

Find the GCF (Greatest Common Factor) of...

1.    18 and 48 =       blank 2.    15 and 23 =       blank
3.    36 and 14 =       blank 4.    22 and 35 =       blank

Find the LCM (Lowest Common Multiple)of...

5.    15 and 60 =       blank 6.    12 and 15 =       blank
7.    9 and 13   =      blank 8.    16 and 21 =      blank



Round the relevant answers to the nearest thousandth.

9.    square root      blank 10.    square root      blank
11.  square root      blank 12.   square root      blank



What values should replace the question mark in the following? Round to the first decimal place.

13.    percent of ? is $46.83
14.    percent of $283.65 is ?  


Same as above with a fractional answer.


15.    $1,080.80 is ? % of $4,000 express rate as a fractional percentage.  fraction blank


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