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How do I obtain worksheets, printables or blackline masters that work for me?

Numerous times this question is asked, especially when one is kept late at night looking for a worksheet to fill a gap in the next days program, or new ideas are needed to strike up some new enthusiasm to teach in the classroom. No matter what the reason, don't just grab any old printable! The design, content and how a worksheet engages a student are all very important factors to consider when selecting and teaching the substance of any worksheet.

You as a teacher or home schooling parent are the best judge of a worksheet; if you think a blackline master printable can maintain a student's eagerness to learn then the right one has been selected for that student. As you get to know your students, you will know what interests them. A good and engaging worksheet should spark curiosity in students' minds. It should provide the opportunity for a student to explore, develop and accept the responsibility of learning in an interesting way, whether they are taught in public school, private school or a homeschool environment.

Tailoring printables for each individual can be a chore but it's worth it! Happy students really reward you with excellent work. What's more, selecting the right worksheets has become more possible to obtain. With the explosion of Internet educational resources, worksheets have become very affordable and many are free if you can spend the time looking for them. Once you find a collection of good worksheets it is a good idea to bookmark that web site and come back regularly to check for more updated resources, teaching tools or other online educational activities.

It is not recommended for teachers or parents to simply bulk print what's up there as often you'll loose the blackline masters or mislay them. Crumpled worksheets, printed 6 weeks ago are not attractive to photocopy and could become outdated anyway. Most educational professionals, student teachers and parents check out their favourite bookmarked web sites each week and download only what they need for that week.

Schedules, rosters and workloads change regularly so don't waste precious ink and paper on outdated worksheets. Help by saving the environment and carefully select your worksheets before printing them. There are other considerations for selecting the right ones online. Downloading unnecessary worksheets, printables or blackline masters will only end up costing you bandwidth from your internet provider and last of all but very importantly, your time spent waiting for these to download. Remember your time is your most precious commodity.

So... to come back on how to obtain worksheets, printables or blackline masters that work for you. There are many web sites which will lure you into thinking they have tons of free stuff for you to simply print off. Alas... as you start to search their site you will find it is nothing more than a large links page sending you off to other web sites. So your trail starts from one web site to another. Finally, you have found one or two worksheets, the rest is a costly job. Sign up procedures, invasion of privacy, credit card scares or credit card fraud even crosses your mind. Not to mention your unlucky, lengthy wait for processing to happen next week. Help! You don't have till next week, class is tomorrow morning 8:30a.m.

Of course there are web sites out there which have a selection of quality worksheets at a price, some are indeed for free but there is not the choice you want... so the search is on again. Well, to cut a long and boring story short.... you might be able to find what you want right here, on this web site. There are thousands of worksheets and activities for your students. Worksheets range for children aged 4 to 15 and are used in schools across the world, how do we know this, well we have web site statistics.

University students are utilizing many of our resources and teaching tools for their practical experience, also known as PRAC. Parents are downloading what they want on a weekly basis so they can assist their children and very few help us out even though they take and copy a considerable amount. Technical and Further Education institutions (TAFE) across Australia also use many if not all of our worksheets to assist students who are doing a course in childcare or teacher aid or even students who have not excelled in the schooling system. Some TAFE's are even using our materials to provide learning materials for students with special needs or languages other than english. Whatever your need, you're welcome to download any of our worksheets, printables and blackline masters for single use just read our copyright before you do and please abide by it.

We trust you will consider buying our worksheet books. Thank you for reading this and please remember that all our work is copyright, teachers in educational institutions are not permitted to just copy our work, they must contact us for the necessary payment over and above single use, details as stated in the copyright notice. I will let you into a secret.... only 10 educational institutions out of thousands from the USA, Australia and UK have ever contacted us to date, however none have made any payments and all of those institutions that have visited and downloaded our material have breached our copyright. I often wonder how they would feel if they were deprived of their income or worse still, have their pay cheque stolen every week....


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