A Year 6-8 Science project

Study Australia's common mammals and visit the links for more information
The worksheet can be used to complete the missing data.

An introduction to egg-laying mammals - pouched mammals - placental mammals - marine
mammals and introduced mammals.

Australia's common mammals

Common Name Scientific Name
marsupial mole notoryctes typhlops
Common Blossom-Bat syconycteris australis
Ghost bat macroderma gigas
Eastern Horseshoe-Bat rhinolophus megaphyllus
dusky leaf nose-bat hipposideros ater
common sheathtail-bat saccolaimus flaviventris
white-striped freetail-bat nyctinomus australis
western cave bat vespadelus caurinus
brush-tailed tree-rat conilurus penicillatus
Mitchell's hopping-mouse - link notomys mitchelli
bush rat R. fuscipes
dugong - link dugong dugon
Australian sea lion neophoca cinerea
Australian fur seal - link A. pusillus
dingo canis dingo
southern right whale - link eubalaena australis
humpback whale megaptera novaeangliae
common dolphin delphinus delphis
Bottlenose dolphin - link tursiops truncatus
platypus ornithorthynchus anatinus
short-beaked echidna tachyglossus aculeatus
western quoll dasyurus geoffroii
tasmanian devil sarcophilus harrisii
fat-tailed dunnart sminthopsis crassicaudata
numbat myrmecobius fasciatus
bilby macrotis lagotis
long-nosed bandicoot perameles nasuta
koala - link phascolarctos cinereus
common wombat vombatus ursinus
little pygmy possum - link cercartetus lepidus
sugar glider - link P. breviceps
common ringtail possum - link pseudocheirus peregrinus
honey possum - link tarsipes rostratus
feathertail glider - link acrobates pygmaeus
common spotted cuscus - link spilocuscus maculatus
brush-tailed bettong - link aepyprymnus rufescens
musky rat-kangaroo hypsiprymnodon moschatus
allied rock wallaby petrogale assimilis
western grey kangaroo M. fuliginosus
red kangaroo M. rufus
quokka setonix brachyurus
swamp wallaby wallabia bicolor

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An excellent guide to mammals of Australia is:
Series-Green Guide - Mammals - Australia by Lindsey Terence - ISBN 1 86436 307 X

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