Teaching Treasures™

Science Quiz
by Ingrid Griggs

Online activity best viewed in Internet Explorer

   1. These are the three parts of an atom: a proton, neutron and electron. blank

   2. Which water has the highest boiling point? blank

   3. What is a geyser? blank

   4. These animals are rodents: Capybara, Marmot, Coypu. blank

   5. Where would you find your pituitary gland? blank

   6. Where are the phalanges located? blank

   7. Isaac Newton discovered dynamite in 1867. blank

   8. Is the element symbol for zinc Zn? blank

   9. Did Michael Faraday discover electro-magnetism in 1816? blank

   10. What are polymers? blank
   11. Is a helicopter an auto gyro? blank

   12. Are lead pencils made from lead and wood? blank

   13. From which fluid do you get whey? blank

   14. On what part of the human body will you find the oris muscle? blank

   15. What is a vixen? blank



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