A fish is a cold-blooded animal that has a backbone and lives in water and breathes by means of gills. It uses fins to swim and most fish are covered with scales. Fish are fascinating and their are many varieties. Did you know that there are fish with lungs that live part of the time out of water? There are also fish without scales.

Size differs as much as shape. They come as small as 1 centimetre and weigh less than 0.03 gram. Or you can take a look at the whale shark, the largest of all fishes, reaching 50 feet in length and about 20 tons (18,140 kilograms) in weight.

Pollution is a major problem for many fish, particularly in freshwater lakes, streams, and rivers where waste products from industries, agriculture and urban areas dispense chemicals and waist freely into their habitat. All fish hatch from eggs. Usually the females and males release the eggs and the milt (fish sperm) into the water. When they meet, the eggs are fertilized. Due to pollution problems many fish species have trouble breeding in the shallow waters around the land areas of the world and are becoming rare or even extinct.

Research the following topics and include them in your fish essay.

  • Variety in Size and Shape
  • Where Fish Live
  • The Food Chain
  • The Shape of a Typical Fish
  • Scales
  • How Fish Swim
  • How Fish Breathe
  • Senses of Fish
  • Noises Under the Water
  • Protective Color and Camouflage
  • Weapons and Defense
  • Egg Laying
  • An Exciting Scientific Discovery, the coelacanth

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