Engines - an open ended project.

engine photo

Car engines are a wonderful piece of technology and many young boys and some girls too, are very keen to learn more about the engine that delivers power, speed, noise and a sense of freedom later on in life to those who qualify for their license.

If you are going to tackle this project you will need some knowledge about car engines. If you know a mechanic who is willing to visit you and your students it will create a deeper interest, mechanics in their greasy overalls seem to create that 'knowledgeable' atmosphere. Check out a car engine with your students and explain how it basically works.

Discuss the functions and importance of the various parts of the engine and the necessary components needed for the engine to run like oil, coolants, fuel, air, compression and vacuum etc. Also look at the health issue of exhaust fumes, and discuss environmental issues with the incorrect disposal of sump oil and other additives.

engine distributor picture


Engine top photo




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