Lesson 33

c - C 'Civet eats cereal and celery'

The next letter sound to teach is the the letter c sound as in city, civet, cereal, cent, celery etc. The semi-circle above the the letter c shows your student that it is long sounding. The short sounding letter 'c' has a stripe above it, as in cat; the letter c

Step 1:

  1. Quickly review the previous letters learned.

  2. Pronounce words beginning with those sounds.

  3. Show the coloured letter cards.

Step 2:

  1. If you are a member of our ABC course copy and print: letter 'c' in colour

Step 3:

  1. Show the letter 'c' to your student and pronounce the sound several times.

  2. Ask the student to repeat the letter sound several times.

  3. Pronounce words that begin with the 'c' sound (city, civet, cent ....).

Step 4:

If you are a member of our ABC course copy, print and complete the following worksheets in order:

  1. letter c worksheet

  2. the letter c

  3. the letter C

  4. 'alternative letter'


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