Lesson 26

o - O  'Okapi'

The next letter sound to teach is the the letter o sound as in over, own, okapi, overcoat, comb, road etc. The stripe above the the letter o shows your student that it is long sounding. The short sounding letter 'o' has a semi-circle above it, as in octopus; the letter o

Step 1:

  1. Quickly review the previous letters learned.

  2. Pronounce words beginning with those sounds.

  3. Show the coloured letter cards.

Step 2:

  1. If you are a member of our ABC course copy and print: letter 'o' in colour

Step 3:

  1. Show the letter the letter o to your student and pronounce the sound several times.

  2. Ask the student to repeat the letter sound several times.

  3. Pronounce words that begin with the the letter o sound (over, road, own ....).

Step 4:

If you are a member of our ABC course copy, print and complete the following worksheets in order:

  1. letter o worksheet

  2. the letter o

  3. the letter O

  4. 'alternative letter'

  5. number 8

Step 5:

Optional Biblical lesson. Read the Bible chapters indicated on the worksheet. Tracing the sentence will give your student practice in forming letters. These letters may not have been taught yet; worksheet.


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