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An online interactive knowledge test about the dingo. Scores answers with the option of correcting if a mistake was made. Simple true - false quiz which can be played alone or with a friend. Ideal for comprehension testing and reinforcing what was learned.... back to aussie animals main page




The dingo is one of the oldest breeds of wild dogs. Aborigines called them ........ and were their only domestic animal. The dingo ..... ...... but has a ....... which can be a disturbing sound at ....... The dingo's ears are always erect unlike those of other dogs. They feed on bandicoots, small wallabies, mice, possums and ground dwelling birds. If they can't find these they will kill sheep, calves, poultry and rabbits. Farmers build high fences to keep dingoes out of their properties. Dingoes breed once a year, have a litter of 4 to 6 pups, raised in hollow logs or rock shelters. They can be white, yellow, fawn, brown, golden or black in colour. Dingoes mainly ........ but can often be seen in the ......... Found ........, not in Tasmania. The pure-bred dingoes are becoming rare.

Test your knowledge! Write true or false

Aborigines called the dingoes warrigals.
The dingo cannot bark.
Dingoes only come out at night.
They are found throughout Australian mainland.



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