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Geckos inhabit warm regions, they have adhesive pads on their digits (toes) which enable these animals to climb on smooth surfaces. They also have bird-like shaped claws, which also helps for climbing and clinging on to surfaces. They are an insectivorous terrestrial lizard. This means that they feed on insects.

Their main predators are birds, who think they make a tasty meal. Geckos like to live in hollow logs. There are about 90 species of geckos in Australia, growing to around 4 to 20cm. Only some species are very common on the east coast but many have a wide range throughout the rest of Australia.

They have big bulging eyes with a vertical pupil. Their tails come in a variety of shapes: some are shaped like a leaf, others are carrot shaped and some have only a twitching knob. Geckos don't have eyelids to protect their large eyes so they use their tongue like a windscreen wiper to keep their eyes clean. The Scientific name is: Gekkonidae.


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