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Pelicans are a well known water bird, they eat fish. In order to get fish they gather in small groups and swim in a formation to drive the fish into shallow waters where they scoop them up with their huge bills. There are six different species of pelicans; the brown pelican is found in North and South America and are the only ones which dive to get their food.

Pelicans feed their young by passing partly digested food back into the bill pouch. The young pelicans reach their heads into their parent's bill pouches to get the food. The Australian pelican has a light orange bill with a purple tinge, a white body with a yellow tinge and their wings are black and white.

They build their nests on the ground out of sticks and usually lay 1 to 4 bluish-white eggs, they hatch in about a month. The young mature in about 3 years. The best known are the white pelicans, they grow to a length of 180cm with a wingspan of 3m and weighing up to 13 kg. Each Pelican can eat up to 1,200 grams of fish a day.


Test your knowledge! Write true or false

Pelicans are a well known land bird.

There are sixty different species of pelicans.
Young are fed by passing partly digested food back into the bill pouch.
The young mature in about 36 months.



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