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Mimidi is of the blackboy or grass tree family. This plant is one of 4 species of grass trees in Australia. This plant is edible and can be used for quite a number of things. Aborigines used the flowers, soaked them in water and it would become a very nice sweet drink. The flower is made up of hundreds of other tiny flowers and each one will have some nectar in them. Bees, wasps, butterflies, spiders and other insect are always on these flowers when they come out. You can also eat the base of the spiny leaves. By pulling the spiny leaf out and then chewing on the white base of the leaf. These spiky leaves are about 60cm to 100cm long and the flower stem reaches 1m to 2m tall. The flower is right on the top of the stem. After the flower dies, spiky seeds drop off to grow new plants. These plants are also called a graceful blackboy or a slender blackboy. 


Mimidi is found in jarrah forests. They are nearly all over the southwest of Western Australia. Flowering time is in spring or early summer. You can also chew the base of the flower stem. When the flower has sprouted you pull the stem out and chew the white end of it until it becomes too woody.


Scientific name for mimidi:

Mimidi, Xanthorrhea gracilis


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