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Nasturtiums are bright orange and yellow flowers. They are a herb and the leaves, flowers and seeds can be eaten. They are quite tasty and are mild to hot tasting. They are a bit like radishes, the leaves are hotter than the flower petals. Nasturtiums are easy to grow and sometimes grow in the wild. These plants do not require rich soil to grow, they can fend for themselves. If you give them too much water or fertilizer the plant will produce a large amount of leaves and hardly any flowers. It is hard to grow these plants if there are aphids or other pests, like caterpillars or grubs in your garden. Bees and other insects like sucking the nectar out of this plant. Nasturtiums flourish in full sunlight, they will not grow well in shaded areas.

Nasturtium flower

Type of plant Best position Suitable soil Propagation Edible parts of plant Uses for plant

Hardy annual

Full sun

Undemanding, poor


Flowers, leaves & seed

Cosmetic, culinary, household, medicinal


Scientific name for the Nasturtium

Tropaeolum majus

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