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Quandong is a tree growing in all Australian States. Aboriginal names are; Bidjigal, beeticul, dumbari, gudi gudi, gutchu, guandang, jawirli, qandang, quandong, mangata, walku, wanga, wongil, wajanu and wayanu. English names are; Desert quandong, desert peach, native peach, Vasse apple, and wild peach. 

This tree has round succulent fruits being shiny red with yellow and orange splotches. The red soft skin surrounds a hard outer kernel which is cracked open to get the nut out. The soft part of this fruit can be made into jams or jelly. 

Quandong is related to sandalwood trees. The tree grows to about 5m tall. The leaves of the quandong are yellowish-green, very leathery and shaped like a sickle. The leaves were used by the Aborigines for treating diseases that European people were bringing. They pounded the leaves and ate them. The flowers are green/brown or a creamy/white colour, producing in February and March. The leaves are about 5-7 cm long.


How to make Quandong Sauce

  • Cook dried quandong fruits for a few minutes in a small amount of water with a bit of lemon or orange juice, sugar and honey.
  • Leave in the fridge overnight.
  • Sauce is used for ice cream or pancake topping or as a sauce with red meat or chicken.

The fruits are 2-4cm wide with one seed in each fruit. You can eat them in September and October. Did you know that the best tasting kernels can be found in emu dung or under the tree?  

The seeds of the tree contain 70% oil and about 25% protein. The oil can be used as a moisturizer for your skin. Aboriginal children used the stones for beads and marbles as well. They would clean the fresh seeds by soaking them in water for about two to three weeks until they were soft! Then they would poke a hole through the soft seed and dry it hard again so they could make seed necklaces, bracelets and also marbles.

The scientific name for the quandong

Santalum acuminatum


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