Sea wasp Heading jellyfish

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The scientific name is Chironex fleckeri.

The sea wasp is also called the box jelly fish. They live all along the northern part of Australia. This sea wasp is very dangerous to humans. People have died in less than a minute from their stings.  These sea wasps are very hard to see in the water because they are almost transparent.

The box or cube-shaped float is fleshy with 3 metre long tentacles! The float can be 20x30 cm and can weigh more than 2 kg. The stinging cells inside the tentacles are called; nematocysts.

The sting from the sea wasp causes difficulty with breathing, muscular spasms and a weak, rapid pulse. Dark swollen lines appear where the tentacles have stung the flesh of a human.

First aid:

  • If breathing is failing get medical aid quickly.
  • Give anti-venom as soon as possible to the person.