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The manta ray is one of approximately 450 different types of rays. It is the largest of these. Most normal rays grow to the size of less than two metres wide. The manta ray can grow over eight metres wide!

Some rays are poisonous and can give a sting with their tail. The manta ray is harmless and only eats plankton, crustaceans and small fish. Manta rays have pointed pectoral fins but rays have rounded fins, although the electric rays and the skate rays have pointed pectoral fins like the manta rays.

Manta rays live in the tropical and subtropical areas. 

The scientific name for the manta ray is;'Manta hamiltoni'. The scientific name for the whole family of mantas is; 'Mobuildae'. There are about eight species of mantas.

stingray manta-ray            manta-ray

sting ray                                       Manta-ray (bottom view)                                   Manta-ray (top)