octopus heading

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Octopuses live all around the world's oceans and seas. They have eight long tentacles and two rows of suckers on each tentacle. 

These creatures eat fish, star fish and crabs. Octopus is eaten by humans but that's not their only predator. Sharks, conger eels and seals are among other predators. The octopus can squeeze into very small spaces to avoid predators.

They also have 'ink' called sepia which can be squirted out of their siphon. This cloud of sepia hangs in the water long enough to give the octopus protection from its enemy. Octopus and other relatives are called; Cephalopods. This means, molluscs that live in the sea and have tentacles. Octopuses have very good eye sight and suckers on their tentacles to hang on to rocks, touch things, grab food and move along the sea bed.

octopus drawing