Sea horse heading seahorse in sea grass

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Sea horses have an eel-like tail and swim with their bodies upright. They grow to about 20cm in length and are found in nearly all Australian (ocean) waters. They live in sheltered bays or inlets. The scientific name for the sea horse is; 'Hippocampus whitei'.

When breeding season comes the female will produce about 300 eggs and place them into the males pouch. When it is time for the babies to hatch, the male opens up his pouch and the babies come out. The male looks after them until they are big enough to fend for themselves.

Leafy sea dragons are sea horses that have fringed fins so that they blend in well with the surrounding area. The leafy sea dragon is about 43cm long, their colour is yellow-brown with thin pale, dark-edged bands. There is another sea dragon called the weedy sea dragon. They are about 46cm long with reddish-yellow spots and purple-blue bars.

leafy seahorse drawing                 seahorse

Leafy sea dragon                                      Common sea horse