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All star fish and sea urchins have small mouths. The star fish have suction-cups and urchins have spines. Star fish can range in colours; red, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple and some are a mixture of several colours. All star fish and sea urchins vary in colour and size.

Most star fish have five arms but some can have as many as 50! Some star fish stand on their tip-toes to shed their eggs. Star fish and urchins belong to a group of animals called; echinoderms, which means 'spiny skinned'. When star fish lose an arm, a new arm will replace it.

The suckers on the star fish are very helpful to stick to rocks, shells and to move along the sea bed. They also use them to pull open oysters and cockles so they can eat the soft flesh inside. Star fish are not fish and have no gills to take in oxygen. Instead they use their tube-feet to absorb oxygen from the water.

Sea urchins have sharp teeth for chewing food. Some urchins are scavengers but others eat seaweed and animals that live on rocks and the sea bed. Sometimes you can find a small round ball with holes in it on the beach, this is a dead sea urchin shell. The holes are where the spines were. This round ball is called a 'test'.

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