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Turtles belong to a group of animals called; Chelonians.

Turtles are reptiles which are cold blooded animals. They can swim very fast through the water! They have a hard shell which protects them from their enemies such as sharks and killer whales.

The leather back turtles have thick leathery skin on their shell instead of scales. They are also the biggest turtles in the world. They are over two metres long and can weigh over 800kg! The smallest turtle is the olive ridley turtle, it weighs about 35kg.

Turtles can only survive in warm water. They don't have teeth like whales, sharks and other animals. Instead they have a hard powerful bony beak. Only some turtles like the hawksbill turtle eat crabs and squid, others like the green turtle eat sea weed and sea grass.

The female turtles lay their eggs under the sand on the beach. They will dig a big hole and lay their eggs inside then cover the eggs with sand, laying over 100 eggs. When the juvenile turtles hatch they will run for the sea so they will not be eaten by sea birds and crabs.

Here are some different types of turtles:

  • hawksbill-turtle

  • green turtle

  • pacific ridley turtle

  • loggerhead turtle

  • leatherback turtle



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