Gary and his guests

Gary lives in Greece; he is a great big goofy giant but also a good gentleman. One day he was having some guests, they were his friends, George the German, Grace the Gypsy and Gary's girlfriend, Georgina. When Gary's guests arrived in their green Gemini, a grand car, he gave them a great big grin, and made them a gorgeous cup of grape juice. Then they walked gracefully to the gallery were Gary gave Georgina a great gem. When Georgina saw the great gem she gasped and grew green in the face. After that they walked to the golf club were they had a great afternoon feeding grass to the goats. After that they sat in Gary's garden near the grey gate eating garlic bread and ginger biscuits. They were very gloomy by the end of the day so they all went to sleep in the garage.


Comprehension activity, answer the questions below.
Make sure you spell the words correctly.

Where does Gary live? blank
What nationality is George? blank
Who is a Gypsy? blank
Is Georgina Gary's girlfriend? ... blank
Who did Gary give a great gem to? blank
Who did Gary's friends feed grass to? blank
What colour was Gary's gate? blank
What did they all go to sleep in? blank


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