Harry the hat man

Harry the happy hat man sold hats on hot holiday days. Harry lived in Holland, but now he lives in Hawaii with his friend Harvey. He has a huge house to put his hats in. Harvey helps sell hats too. They sell high hats, huge hats, hunting hats, heavy hats, and heaps of other hats. One day Harry and Harvey went to the hamburger shop and while they were there, one hundred heavy handed hooligans stole all of Harry's hats! Harry and Harvey saw them get away and hurried after them in their Holden car. Hang on hailed Harry; let those hooligans have those horrible hats. We'll make Hawaiian homes here instead. Hooray shouted Harvey, let's start today.


Comprehension and Counting.
Fill in the correct answers below.

How many words begin with "H" in the story? blank
What did Harry sell? blank
Where did Harry live? blank
Does Harvey sell hats too? ... blank
What shop did Harry and Harvey go to? blank
How many hooligans stole Harry & Harvey's hats? blank
What car does Harry and Harvey have? blank
What homes did Harry & Harvey make instead? blank


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