Inkie Inchworm

If I only had ink I would immediately write a letter to the new ibis down the street, said Inkie the inchworm. I would insist she is not to eat inchworms while she inhabits her iron hut. Ilkie ibis interfered incredibly during summer. Many inchworms went missing in no time. This is insane, interjected Inkie inchworm. So she made an irresistible poison. Ilkie ibis ate the poison and fell ill instantly. From then on Ilkie ibis never ate another inchworm and they all lived happily in the same street in Idaho.


Comprehension activity, answer the questions below.
Make sure you spell the words correctly.

What did Inkie inchworm wish she had? blank
Who did Inkie want to write a letter to? blank
What did Inkie inchworm make? blank
Is Ilkie ibis a mountain goat? ... blank
What did Ilkie ibis love to eat? blank
What did Ilkie ibis eat that made her fall ill? blank
What State did they all live in? blank
During what season did Ilkie ibis interfere?  blank



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