Jack and the jolly joker

In July Jack jogged and jumped into the jumbo jet to go on a journey to Japan. When Jack was on the jumbo jet he joined a jolly joker. The jolly joker jumbled and juggled jugs and jars in a very jerky way. Jack learnt a lot of jolly jokes and juggles. When the jumbo jet just reached Japan, Jack and the jolly joker jumped out joyfully and jogged around Japan. Jack and the jolly joker were just good friends and they found a jolly good job in Japan. The job was telling jokes, Juggling jelly, jugs and jars and just jumbling around. Lots of jolly Japanese joined Jack and the jolly joker and they were all joyful.


Find the listed words in the puzzle below.

  Japanese blank
  Jumbled blank
  Japan blank
  Juggled blank
  Jugs blank
  Jars blank
  Joyful blank
  Jolly blank
  July blank
  Joker blank

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