Katie the kind kangaroo

Katie is a kind kangaroo, she has a joey called Kicky and a friend called Kevin. Kevin is a koala who keeps knobs, keys and kites. One day Kicky got kidnapped by Ken a mean kangaroo. Ken kicks Kicky and wants to kill him. It is up to Kevin the koala to save Kicky. So he makes a go-kart and heads of real keen to find Kicky. Kevin saves Kicky in a kinkie manner and Katie the kangaroo kindly rewards Kevin with kisses and kernels and a ticket to Kenya for two weeks holiday.


Fill in the correct answers below.

How many States in the U.S.A. begin with "K"? blank

There are 7 countries around the world that begin with the letter "K". Can you name them?
Hint: One country in Asia has a North and a South.
It is regarded as two separate countries, even though it has the same name.


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