The old ox

Ollie the odd otter has two friends. One is Olivia the ostrich who is an out-standing soprano, and the other is Oliver the orang-utan who is an Olympic runner. Ollie plays the organ and often picks oranges in the orchard. The three odd friends knew an old ox, who had his own ocean hut and never came outside but he ought to. So one day in October the three friends ordered the old ox out of his ocean hut and they went onto an oak boat and went on the ocean. They caught oysters and found one odd octopus. The old ox had an overwhelming time with the odd friends. So now, once ox is outside, you can't get him inside.


Comprehension activity, answer the questions below.
Make sure you spell the words correctly.

How many friends does Ollie the odd otter have? blank
Olivia the ostrich is an out-standing ..... ? blank
Oliver the orang-utan is an ..... ? blank
Does Ollie play the organ? blank
Who did the three friends know? blank
What did they catch? blank
What did they find? blank
In what month did they go on an oak boat?  blank


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